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Waterproof smartphones for the super smart windsurfer

Windsurfing waterproof smartphonesHaving a waterproof smartphone for windsurfing is about so much more than being able to capture that perfect sun- and spray- soaked selfie or being able to check weather forecasts and wind speeds, it can also be a life saver.

A waterproof smartphone for safety

In the past it would have made sense to carry a VHF radio for safety, but nowadays with developments in waterproof smartphone technology, it makes absolute sense for the clued up windsurfer to carry a smartphone – not only can it be your number one asset in an emergency, it can also do one hundred and one other things too – for example, GPS to help you find that must-go-to mystery windsurfing location.

Okay, let's imagine that you're riding a downwinder when your gear gives up on you. There is no-one around to wave to, you're some distance from land and you don't know what to do. The good news is that you can call whoever is necessary, from a friend, to the Royal National Lifeboat Institute or – in the event you are injured – emergency services.

Of course, there are also times when only a VHF radio will do – for example, you are offshore and there is no mobile network coverage – but given the size of the UK and the dense population of its coastline, there are few places where this is going to be the case.

GPS Apps for windsurfing

GPS Apps on smartphones have really changed the way many windsurfers evaluate their own performance. Not only can you log your sails into speed ladders across the world, giving you a bit of competition while also motivating you to improve, with GPS Apps you can also collate all kinds of useful data to see how you respond to different sailing conditions. Yes, you can measure the height of your jumps, monitor your moves and record film in conjunction with GPS data, both for your own evaluation and for that of your friends and admirers on social media!

Waterproof smartphones – the innovative choice for the savvy windsurfer!

Waterproof smartphones with TUFF Phones

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