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Waterproof smartphones for smart waterproof camping

As anyone who has ever been camping in the UK will know, the weather can sometimes cause all kinds of havoc. And although Britain might not be quite as wet as Puerto Lopez, Colombia –annual precipitation of 12,892 mm at an average of 320 days per year – it is still pretty wet. Wet enough, we say, to make a waterproof smartphone a smart investment for any serious camper, particularly if you are considering a camping trip to any of the following places:

Waterproof TUFF T1 smartphone campingThe South – annual average days of rain

  • 115 Eastbourne
  • 122 Exeter
  • 125 Birmingham
  • 155 Newquay
  • 183 Princetown, Dartmoor Park

The North – annual average days of rain

  • 132 Sheffield
  • 143 Manchester
  • 146 Blackpool
  • 150 Pennith
  • 184 Malham Tarn, Yorkshire Dales

Wales – annual average days of rain

  • 143 Valley, Anglesey
  • 146 Aberporth
  • 149 Cardiff
  • 149 Tenby
  • 171 Aberystwyth

Scotland – annual average days of rain

  • 167 Glasgow
  • 189 Kirkwall, Orkney Islands
  • 194 Tiree, Inner Hebrides
  • 198 Oban
  • 202 Lerwick, Shetland Islands
  • 205 Stornoway, Outer Hebrides

Damp camping is the norm

Have you ever needed to Google "how to put up tent in torrential rain" only to find that you can't because your phone would be destroyed in the process? Or woken, in your damp sleeping bag, to find your phone sitting on the groundsheet in a puddle of rain water? Well, that's when having a waterproof mobile phone could be the best consumer choice you've ever made.

Of course, this is not the only benefit of having a waterproof smartphone. There are so many more reasons to choose such a model, from being by the camps site's swimming pool, to negotiating the shower block, a waterproof phone is the smart choice for outdoor activities.

The truth is that if you have invested in a waterproof tent, a waterproof bag, a waterproof gazebo, a waterproof hammock, a waterproof torch, a waterproof radio, waterproof boots or, for that matter, any piece of waterproof camping gear, how can you possibly afford to go without a waterproof smartphone, which, in the twenty-first century, aside from your tent, is the most important piece of waterproof kit of all?

Waterproof phones on watertight deals

TUFF Phones can help you find the waterproof smartphone that is right for you, whether you require it SIM-free, on contract or on upgrade.

Check out our range and discover why making a purchase through TUFF Phones is always easy.