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Waterproof phones for plumbers in the know

Waterproof phones for plumbersWater damage has long been one of the most common causes of accidental smartphone loss so it's little wonder that so many companies have recently got in on the waterproof phones act.

Yes, not all smartphones are created equal, and few are as likely to benefit from the superior protection offered by waterproof phone than plumbers.

Whether they have been called out to mend an erratic hot water system, to fix a leak or – oh irony of ironies – to retrieve a dropped handset from a drain or toilet – many already have firsthand experience of inadvertently drowning a standard smartphone.

The reality is that however careful and organised a plumber might be, accidents do happen and phones are expensive, personal and professionally essential items for any plumber. They contain the most important elements of our lives; whether family photos, contact lists, call and text histories, electronic diaries or more. With one simple splosh or flush all of this can be wiped out.

Say that again – that's how many phones down the flusher?

The only study we can find on the subject reveals that in Britain each year 855,000 mobile phones are dropped down the toilet with a further 116,000 meeting their doom in the torrent and tumult of the washing machine. Unbelievable, isn't it?! Even more unbelievable is that this figure is from 2007 when handsets were considerably less common than they are now – our money is that there must now be more than one million phones that die their deaths down that most undignified of places. It's (almost literally) money down the toilet.

And to think that if you're a plumber the likelihood of such an accident occurring must be considerably higher – only a waterproof smartphone can save you and your phone from such a fate – although you might want to clean it upon retrieval!

If it's not waterproof can it truly be considered a smartphone?

Yes, we know that a smartphone is basically meant to be a telephone that also performs as a kind of mini-computer, but we also can't help but feel that it's not all that smart if its life is terminated by even a brief drop into a sink, bath, drain or loo – some phones even give up the ghost through exposure to just a bit of rain.

This must be why so many mainstream manufacturers are beginning to embrace the idea of waterproofing – yes, in recent seasons brands as diverse as Sony, Samsung and Apple have all got in the act.

However not all waterproof smartphones are created equal, while mainstream flagship devices from the likes of Samsung and Apple now offer protection against water there is also the drop factor to conscider. Typically these devices simply aren't tough enough to face the rigours of day-to-day working life, which is why a TUFF Phones with it's aluminium-titanium alloy frame and MIL-STD 810G rating is perfect for plumbers.

The future is waterproof! Especially if you're a plumber. To become a smart smartphone user check out the quality deals on offer with TUFF Phones– flexible, affordable and, ultimately, invaluable waterproof phones for plumbers.

To get TUFF simply call us on 01243 850 605 or place an order via the website for free next-day delivery.