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Outdoor workers should opt for waterproof mobile phones to avoid the inevitable

Waterproof tough phone dropped in wet mudWhether you're a gardener, roofer or construction engineer – or maybe your job involves field sales or going out to meet people – being in the outdoors puts you at risk of one suffering a very British problem: the rain. So, when you work outdoors, you're very likely to get wet – and so is your phone. That's why we're here to how you can be the proud owner of a device that won't shudder to a halt at the first sign of water.

Most of us have experienced that close call when we've left our precious phone on the table and a drink gets spilled, or the momentary panic when we're running a bath and have a sudden case of butterfingers – a large proportion have probably even damaged mobiles irreparably in these sorts of accidents (and yes, a great many phones go down the loo, we know that).

It's when your livelihood involves the outdoors, that the risk seems to increase significantly. We all know how even a short stroll in a heavy downpour can get you soaked through and our heavy reliance on our mobiles for items such as maps, clocks and, of course, contacting people, means we frequently have to take our phones out of our bags and pockets in wet weather. Plus, even when you think they're safe in your pocket or bag, chances are some rain will find its way in. That's why we think the best mobile phones for outdoor workers are waterproof devices.

Waterproof mobile phone UK

Here at TUFF Phones, we have one of the widest ranges of waterproof mobile phones in the UK and most have added benefits such as being dust and shock proof too.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse the website or call us today to find the rainproof, splashproof, (toilet-proof) mobile phone that's right for you.

All handsets are available sim-free and on upgrade.