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Waterproof mobile phones for everyone in the UK

Rain on a woman under an umbrellaIf you live in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales and are wondering if you were right to invest in a waterproof mobile phone then there is a reasonable chance that all you need do is look out the window.

That's right, the United Kingdom is, rightly or wrongly, well known for its wet weather. All of which goes some way to explaining why waterproof mobile phones are well on the way to becoming mainstream on this, our rain-soaked and sceptred isle.

Anyhow, how can any self-respecting twenty-first-century boy or girl possibly hope to get by partying, kite-surfing, hiking the highlands or taking waterfall selfies with an ordinary smartphone?

Yes, waterproof mobile phones reflect the fact that we live on the land while also retaining a strong and tactile relationship with the water.

But, as ever, there are some who will need a waterproof phone more than others, and none are more likely to fall into this category than the inhabitants of some of the wettest places in the UK.

Waterproof phones for the UK's four wettest cities

Do you live in Cardiff? If so, with an average yearly rainfall of 115cms, you are in the wettest city in Britain and don't need to spend a lot of time at the Cardiff Windsurfing Centre to justify your ownership of a waterproof smartphone.

If you live in Glasgow, which has 112cms of rain a year, you are not far behind. Good news for members of the Glasgow Kayak Club though.

As for "The Rainy City"… well, Manchester comes in at just eighth with 86.7cms of rain a year.

And the driest place in the UK? Well, it also happens to be the place with the most waterproof mobile phones in the UK - London.

Which type of waterproof mobile phone is right for you?

There are various types and levels of "waterproofness" available. Whether you want something that is splash-proof, water-resistant or water-proof will depend on both the environment you will be using it in and the level of functionality you require.

For the full lowdown on waterproof mobiles click here for our guide.

Whether you want a TUFF T1, a TUFF T10, or a TUFF T400s, browse through our range then place your order.