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Waterproof mobile phones for consumers who know what they want

Waterproof consumer smartphonesWaterproofing, just how much does it matter to the consumer?

You would think that with so few manufacturers producing waterproof handsets as part of their mainstream ranges – with the exception of some, for example the Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia range – consumers don't actually care that much whether their smartphones are waterproofed or not.

However, if you just looked at the standard handsets being churned out by the big manufacturers and took that as your guide, you'd be very wrong indeed. This is because in 2015 PHONEARENA conducted a study into the needs and desires of more than 3,000 everyday phone users and found that, contrary to the specs offered by mainstream device manufacturers, most people actually want waterproof mobile phones and, what's more, they want them now.

Here are the results of the study:

  • 52.12% would like to buy a waterproof mobile phone but don't consider it an absolute priority
  • 37.07% would like a waterproof mobile phone as a matter of priority
  • 10.82% don't care whether or not their device is waterproof

Waterproof phones for the future

It does seem extraordinary that here we are in the second half of the second decade of the third millennium with "dunkable" nanocoated phones now in development and many waterproof smartphones practically indistinguishable from their lesser cousins and still we're yet to see waterproof offered as standard.

Perhaps there is something in the notion that manufacturers don't want consumers to embrace waterproof mobiles, preferring that they are instead viewed as a bonus. After all, manufacturers profit every time a consumer has to replace a water-damaged handset.

Waterproof smart phones with TUFF Phones

Do you want a smart phone that is dustproof, waterproof and more resilient to shock than your standard handset with its fragile case and screen? Look through our range of smart tough phones today to find the model that is right for you.

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