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What is TUFFMultiNet?

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Poor network coverage can disrupt your business. Extend your limits with TUFFMultiNet, the key to eliminating signal black spots and unlocking unparalleled connectivity.

Why choose TUFFMultiNet?

Whatever your line of work, there’s never a good time for a call to drop, especially when you’re attempting to make an important call to work associates or a client. But dropped calls are an unfortunate reality for many users. In the agricultural industry, for instance, where most of a typical working day is spent in a remote rural location, it’s usual for farmers to suffer from weak network coverage. Likewise, tradespeople are often continually moving about from job to job, meaning they’re bound to find themselves in a place with no signal if they’re with only a single network provider.

When a call does drop, the ability to regain signal as quickly as possible becomes invaluable. That’s why we’re proud to offer TUFFMultiNet to our customers.

How does it work?

TUFFMultiNet gives our customers the best chance of avoiding coverage black spots for good.

Without the TUFFMultiNet SIM card, you are relying solely on the signal strength of one network provider, which many of our customers find to be too much of a risk when working in remote locations. Losing your signal will leave you unable to make a call until you move around and eventually find an area where your connection fares a little better, which needless to say is not always the most practical solution, least of all when you’re on a tight schedule with a business to run. With TUFFMultiNet SIM, if the call drops due to loss of signal, it’s a lot likelier you’ll be able to call back straight away.

This is because TUFFMultiNet utilises the signal strength of three major network providers: Three, EE and O2. Whenever the primary network on the TUFFMultiNet SIM card, Three, becomes unavailable, the SIM will connect to either EE of O2, based on whichever has the strongest signal in that area. You don’t have to worry about changing any settings on the device to allow it to find and connect to a different network: your TUFF Phone will find the best phone signal automatically, allowing you to redial and continue the call as soon as possible. Our revolutionary TUFFMultiNet SIM card could be the extra boost your business needs to thrive, enhancing your efficiency by empowering you to be able to receive and make calls throughout the whole day (as long as your TUFF device can connect with one of the three networks).

TUFFMultiNet opens the door to widely available coverage wherever in the world your adventures take you – and the best part is you can get this vastly improved connectivity for roughly the same cost as a standard network SIM package, with just one monthly bill for access to all three networks. You don’t have to worry about dealing with multiple network contracts.

There is also a range of roaming plans and international bolt-ons that can be added to your plan which will give you an allowance of international minutes and texts should you need to phone overseas, visit our EU Roaming, Premium Rate and International Calls webpage for further details.

Sounds great. How do I get set up?

Getting set up with TUFFMultiNet is easy. Our team have taken care of the technical side: all the settings needed to use TUFFMultiNet are already written into the phone’s software. When you purchase the TUFFMultiNet SIM, available as either a pay monthly upgrade or SIM only deal, all you need to do is insert the SIM card and you’re ready to experience all the benefits of superior connectivity. A direct debit arrangement for paying your monthly phone bill will be set up when you register your SIM card, and we recommend to contact your current provider to notify them of the switch.

You also don’t need to worry about changing your phone number. We can port your existing phone number over to the SIM. Simply provide us with your PAC code (acquired by ringing your current network’s customer support line) which we'll ask for when activating your new SIM. We’ll take care of the rest. And if you ever need technical assistance with TUFFMultiNet, support is always available. The TUFFMultiNet SIM is powered by Fidelity Group Communications, whose support team operates a 24/7 helpline.

TUFFMultiNet is just one more way we make our customers’ lives a little easier, saving them all a lot of stress and frustration by offering a network connection as reliable as the devices themselves. Why not take a look at our devices that are available with the TUFFMultiNet SIM solution – the T1, T500 and T10 – today and extend beyond the limitations of restrictive network coverage.

To register your interest in TUFFMultiNet or activate a TUFFMultiNet SIM card please visit:

If you require any assistence during registration you can call our customer services team on 01243 790 433.