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Tough smartphones – the intelligent choice

The mobile market is possibly the fastest growing market on the planet. Over the last two years many well known manufacturers have started to introduce 'tough smartphones' into their range of released handsets.

Each year manufacturers release something newer, shinier, faster contributing to a cut-throat market made up of profit-hungry tech giants vying to outdo one-another.

However, this rivalry has led to unprecedented research and development (R&D). It is because of this that improvements in mobile technology come so fast, as, unsurprisingly, manufacturers look to wow the market with their latest flagship handsets.

Tough and smart

Tough SmartphoneThe number of consumers carrying mobile devices with them on a day to day basis has increased dramatically over the last five years and the environments into which they enter are becoming more diverse.

For years manufacturers considered the intelligence of devices first priority, with style only a secondary consideration. Against this background durability was frequently an overlooked factor.

People wanted something that they could download apps onto, play games on and use for social networking etc but without the worry of damaging the phone if it was dropped or splashed with water – and in some cases even completely submerged.

It’s of no surprise then that certain Android Smartphone manufacturers have started making their handsets a little tougher, that is to say they’ve been made waterproof and dustproof.

Handsets that are durable but not tough

Handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 are being sold and marketed as waterproof and dustproof smartphones.

While these handsets are not seen as dedicated tough phones and aren’t quite as durable as other rugeddized handsets on the market they are still classed as ‘tough smartphones’.

They are great for those who want to have the latest technology in their hands, and who may not necessarily be taking their handset into extreme environments - and yet still want something waterproof and dustproof to help prevent those accidental mishaps.

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