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Dustproof mobile phone IP ratings explained

Dustproof mobile phone.  felizfelizAn IP (Ingress Protection) rating is a two digit code that is used as an international standard for measuring an electronic device's resistance to dust and water.

There are two aspects to the rating. The first digit rates the level of protection against non-liquid objects such as brick dust and builder's dust while the second in the code rates a device's water resistance.

There are very rigorous tests and methodologies in place for determining the IP rating of a dustproof mobile phone. For example, for a manufacturer to advertise a phone's IP rating it must ensure that the testing is carried out by an accredited and independent laboratory.

Detailed understanding of dust ingress IP ratings

Dust resistance is marked from 0 to 6 with 0 marking the lowest level of dust resistance and 6 marking the highest.

The following table shows you what you should expect from the seven different IP ratings for dust:

  • IP0X – No elevated protection
  • IP1X – Protects against solid objects greater than 50 mm in diameter
  • IP2X – Protects against solid objects greater than 12.5 mm in diameter
  • IP3X – Protects against solid objects greater than 2.5 mm in diameter
  • IP4X – Protects against solid objects greater than 1 mm in diameter
  • IP5X – Protects against most dust but with limitations; not suitable for some environments
  • IP6X – Protects against all dust and ideal for environments such as building sites where there are large quantities of brick and builders dust

The rating system is very useful for anyone looking to buy a reliable dustproof mobile phone that is resistant to harmful substances such as sand, plaster dust, brick dust and builder's dust.
This is because dust can be extremely harmful to mobile phones and its effects range from reduced functionality of an LCD screen or unresponsive buttons to, in many cases, death of the mainboard.

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