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Dustproof handsets for demolition and construction professionals

Dustproof mobiles for demolition and construction workersThe demolition and construction industry is one of the most dust hazardous around, and any demolition or reconstruction worker who wishes to have a phone that lasts longer than a few months is going to have to consider the benefits of a dustproof mobile phone.

It is well known that airborne particles are seriously hazardous to health. However, what is less well known is the danger demolition and construction dust poses to the durability and functionality of electronic equipment such as smartphones.

What is dust?

It may seem like an obvious question with an obvious answer, but dust is simply a non-specific term generally used to describe tiny solid particles, usually smaller than 500 microns in diameter. By way of perspective, a human hair varies between 40 and 300 microns in diameter (there are 25,400 microns in one inch).

The demolition and construction industry is about as dust-prone as you can get, with all types and sizes of dust a daily reality for those working in this sector. The Health and Safety Executive makes a distinction between dust that is respirable (invisible to the naked eye and can be inhaled deeply into the lungs) and that which is inhalable (visible to the naked eye) – although it should be noted that your phone does not make any such distinction; it will suck up whichever dust is in the atmosphere.

It is also worth noting that although there is increased health and safety considerations in relation to construction and demolition site dust, no such protection exists for phones – so the only way to guarantee the continuing existence of your phone is to ensure that it is a dust proof mobile phone.

Site managers have known of the dangers posed by dust to technology for a long time; it is why they are increasingly investing in dust proof machinery and why they make dust management maintenance of equipment a priority.

Dustproof smartphones that are built to last

TUFF Phones is the UK's leading dustproof mobile phone retailer and also specialises in selling tough, rugged and waterproof mobile phones. You can be assured that with us you will find the handset that is best suited to your needs, whether you work in demolition, construction, agriculture or some other industry.

Our handsets are available under contract, SIM-free or on upgrade.