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Exercise apps for drop proof phones

Fitness apps for AndroidWho needs a personal trainer these days? The answer for many is “not me”; that’s because with the ever-increasing number of smartphone personal fitness apps it is now easier than ever to motivate yourself to exercise while also intelligently tracking your progress and performance.

However, as any seasoned endurance athlete, weightlifter or British Military Fitness buff will know, not every smartphone is designed to withstand the rigours of an intensive workout. Whether you’ve suffered the loss of a phone because you’ve dropped it mid-star jump, have let it slip from your grasp while attempting to change tracks while on a 10k run or, sickeningly, it has hit the pavement while you were trying to change your cycle route plan - learning the value of a drop proof phone can be a hard lesson.

But if you’re worried that deciding to invest in a drop proof phone means that you will have to compromise on style, don’t; the latest models can be every bit as slick and stylish as their delicate mainstream cousins, meaning that as you use your workout app to develop your fitness and physique, you can be confident that your phone won’t be left in your slipstream when it comes to looking good!

Below we take a look at five of the best fitness apps to help you ensure that you look every bit as desirable as your drop-proof phone.

Strava Running & Cycling

As well as having an excellent conventional GPS tracker, Strava Running & Cycling allows you to continually challenge yourself and to compete with others, whether friends or fellow app users. The basic app is free, but with a premium subscription you can tailor it to your precise needs and enjoy even more analytics.


Fitocracy is a fantastic app for people who might need a little extra motivation to exercise. It relies on social networks, challenges and leaderboards to help you accrue points as you develop your fitness, targeting specific muscle groups as you go. Post your latest and greatest achievements to Twitter and Facebook to gain the extra adulation and motivation you need.


JEFIT is our favourite free bodybuilding app. It has literally thousands of exercises and routines contained within its database and allows you to really focus on your target area whether it's your pecs, abs, glutes or lats. Yes, it does contain ads, but they are not too intrusive and will be removed if you decide to purchase the premium version.

Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer makes use of some fantastic audio and video tutorials to help you reach peak fitness. It has thousands of regimes to choose from and allows you to build and share your own routines for the benefit of other users. It’s an app that’s all about community, so takes away some of the isolation of exercise, helping you feel better about yourself.


RunKeeper has long been one of the standout apps for runners. This is because it is free and full of features that are useful to runners of all levels, as well as cyclists. It also respects your privacy needs, allowing you share your runs on social media or to keep them private until the point you feel they’re impressive enough to share!

Drop proof phones for people who bounce!

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