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Tough phones, Android-style

Android LogoAndroid has become such a staple of the mobile and tough smartphone market now that it is hard to believe Google's operating system has only been around since 2008 – but then time flies when it comes to technology.

Google, the essence of Android

Because Android is the brainchild of Google it is optimised for just about all that is dominant on the web, whether it's Gmail, Google Earth, YouTube, Google Calendar, Maps or the iconic search engine itself.

In theory, this means that Android drinks from source, so to speak, making it a very useful, almost indispensable, tool.

The Android experience

Android truly is a place where you can get everything done, from telephone calls, texts, social media and personal photographs and correspondence to business planning, document management and even gaming; it is probably not too far-fetched to say that Android is a world in itself.

Never lose anything

Because Android is synced with all your Google accounts, things like your contacts need never be lost; even if you lose your device, when you come to log in to your new tough android smart phone, you will find everything preserved there for you, ready to go.

But it's not just your contacts that are synced and saved; depending on the settings you choose, even information such as your search and browser history, calendars, photos and apps will be there for you to revisit.

GooglePlay, the world's leading app store?

It used to be that many phone users were wary of Android. This was due to a perception that in comparison to iPhone it was lacking in apps. But nowadays this is no longer the case, with GooglePlay rivalling Apple in just about every department; there are more than 1.4 million apps available and more are added every day. What's more, there are so many free apps that the discerning Android user need never pay a penny in order to have just about every conceivable electronic convenience at the touch of his or her fingertips.

Pick your handset

One thing the Android phone market definitely doesn't lack is variety. For example, although most phones have standard screen dimensions and touchscreen-only functionality others are closer in size to a tablet while some even come with a hardware QWERTY keyboard, although it is possible that, even considering Blackberry's recent partnering with Android, this latter type may be among the last of a dying breed.

Who makes Android phones?

Although Google make the Android operating system, as yet they don't make the actual handsets. Examples of Android phone makers include Sony, HTC, Samsung, Acer, Motorola, Huawei and LG.

Tough Android phones for you

Whether you are looking for a smart and sleek handset like the TUFF T1 or a more robust looking device like the TUFF T400s, our range of Android phones are all available SIM Free or via upgrade with plenty of competitive contract options to chose from - we are confident that we have the deal that is right for you.

Contact the TUFF Phones team on 01243 850 605 to order your device today.