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The most durable smartphone?

In 2014 The Telegraph newspaper asked readers what the most durable smart phone was on the market?

However, far from leaving the question to hang in the air unanswered, the newspaper went on to provide some pretty compelling evidence in service of providing an answer.

Looking at a variety of models – the LG Nexus 5, the HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5S – the newspaper examined the ability of each handset to withstand various incidents and accidents, including immersion in water, resistance to shock, wear and tear and friction.

The results? Well, good news for devotees of the iPhone 5S, for it was this model that was found to be the most durable smartphone on the market.

Durable smartphone

Researchers claimed that although the iPhone 5S suffered some superficial damage to its back front and sides after being dropped onto hard, construction site-like surfaces, it showed real durability, time and again bouncing back with perfection function. Apparently it even continued to work, playing media files, as it was submerged in water.

The scores achieved by each of the tested phones were as follows (with a lower score indicating greater durability):

  • 1: iPhone, 5.5
  • 2: Samsung Galaxy, 6
  • 3: HTC One, 6.5
  • LG Nexus 5, 7

"Knowing that your mobile device can stand up to the daily rigours of life is crucial when making a relatively expensive purchase and just in case it doesn't, having a protection plan in place can give you peace of mind when things go wrong," Kevin Gillan, Managing Director of Square Trade Europe told the newspaper.

A dedicated durable smartphone

Although all of the phones listed above have their value, none is a dedicated durable smartphone that brings with it the peace of mind guaranteed by a specialised tough or waterproof phone.

Fortunately, with handsets such as the TUFF T10, the TUFF T1 and the TUFF T400s, TUFF Phones is able to help you find the dedicated durable smartphone that is perfect for your needs.

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