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Moving with the times - How the army and Gordon Gekko helped style our mobile lives

THE EVOLUTION OF THE MOBILE When the first mobile phones arrived on the scene early users could barely have imagined the speed at which innovation would improve - and most importantly shrink - the technology. Here's a timeline to show how far the mobile phone market has come. Tuffphones are providers of a range of the most technologically advanced waterproof, shockproof, ruggedized phones on the market. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get the phone that will suit your needs. Soldiers use the pre-cellular “radio common carrier”. Like a walky-talky but uses a phone network and has its own phone number. Motorola engineer, Marty Cooper, makes the first call from a "real handheld portable cell phone”. "Wall Street" mogul, Gordon Gekko, (played by Michael Douglas) places the Motorola DynaTAC (30 minutes talk time, eight hours standby, High Street price £3,500) in the mainstream. The clamshell phone, pioneered by Motorola with the MicroTAC, makes mobile phones smaller, more futuristic and, importantly, more convenient with their smaller size and innovative flip design. It even had a calculator “app”! Nokia 101, first Nokia “candybar phone”, and the first designed by Frank Nuovo. It was easy to use and set the bar for the phones that followed. The mid-90s were characterised by a range and varieties of clamshell and candybar phones. The PDAs of the late 90s with their 'first generation' touchscreens, wireless connectivity, virtual keyboards and mp3 capability set the way for many of the smartphones of today. Ruggedized versions also set the way for the tough and ruggedized phone market. The Nokia 7650 is Europe's first phone with a built-in camera. Patricia Hewitt MP, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, makes the first phone call on the UK’s 3G network'. 3G users have the choice of three handsets: the Motorola A830, the NEC e606 and NEC e808. Apple Inc. introduces the iPhone, for many the definitive smartphone and the first to use a multi-touch interface. Release of the HTC Dream, the first to use the Android operating system. Tough, ruggedized, waterproof and dustproof phones are clearly the future. We can also expect improved battery life and more powerful processors. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE