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Cat Phones

CAT logo Cat PhonesCat Phones are manufactured under license by Bullit Group Ltd who have held the global license for Cat Phones and accessories for Caterpillar Inc. since 2012.

The mobile devices produced for Cat Phones range from robust 'feature' phones up to toughened smartphones offering the latest high-tech specifications available.

All Cat Phones are waterproof, dustproof and shock proof, offering IP67 ratings as a minimum on some of the older handsets with the newer models carrying IP68 certificates. All of Cat's devices are MIL-STD 810G rated which means that they are tested for protection against repeated drops onto concrete from various heights, as well as other various tests that are divided into sub categories such as; Temperature, Humidity, Vibration, and Altitude.

There have been numerous devices released by Cat Phones since they released their first handset, the CAT B25 back in 2013 - we've outlined a short history of CAT devices below.

- released 2013
CAT B15 - released 2013
CAT B100 - released 2013

- released June 2014
CAT S50 - released November 2014

CAT B30 - released June 2015
CAT S40 - released Auguest 2015
CAT S30 - released September 2015

- Expected release Q1 (31 March) 2016