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A water-resistant mobile phone is perfect for wet summer festivities

People might think that they have no need for a water-proof mobile phone, but with the summer Britain has been having the whole nation should own them.

Even if you're not a lifeguard or a farmer, or someone else who regularly works in a wet environment, the likelihood is that at some point this summer you'll wish your mobile was water resistant.

For example, if you've bought a ticket to one of the many music festivals this season, you might have unwittingly purchased a ticket to one of the largest mud-wallowing events of 2012.

If your festival has not been cancelled, a pair of wellies, a rain mack, and a water-proof mobile phone should be quite high up on the list of important items to take with you.

If you've already been to a festival this summer, and are still scraping dried mud from your shoes, then we might have reached you too late. However, there's no harm in getting prepared for next year's festivals.

Of course, we hope that next summer isn't as wet as this one has been so far, but just in case it is – and remember what country you live in, you're going to experience heavy downpours at some point in the next few months – buying a water-resistant mobile phone could be a great investment.

Most water-tight mobiles can not only survive being dropped in puddles, but also withstand falls onto solid ground. They're tough phones, and don't need mollycoddling like standard mobiles do.

So, if you want a phone that can brave a soggy festival as well as you can – a water-proof mobile phone is the answer.