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Water damage has been the biggest "phone killer" over the past five years

Over the past five years more than 8 million mobile devices have been damaged according to figures from TSB Insurance, with Brits spending over £3.1 billion replacing mobile gadgets.

Research carried out by TSB Insurance discovered that water damage accounts for 23 per cent of all mobile phone insurance claims.

Also almost a fifth of mobile-owners have experienced a cracked or smashed screen on their smartphone with six per cent trying to continue using the device as is, and one in ten contacting their insurance provider to get it repaired.

TSB head of general insurance Kat Robinson has commented on the report saying, "Now more than ever we rely on our gadgets to get through the day, so it’s unfortunate when they are taken out of action unexpectedly."

"The time and expense of dealing with smashed screens, sizzled monitors and defective equipment is a major gripe that many of us are needlessly suffering through because of having no insurance or picking inadequate protection."

Waterproof tough phone

With water damaged devices and dropped, broken phones accounting for a majority of mobile device insurance claims wouldn't it make sense to save yourself some money and buy something a little tougher?

We understand that claiming for a device repair on your insurance can be a painstaking process; which is why here at Tuff Phones we specialise in mobiles that are tough, waterproof and drop proof - thus reducing the need to waste time claiming for uneccessary mobile mishaps.