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Vodafone to take the fight to BT with UK broadband service roll out

Starting today, Vodafone have begun to roll out it's UK broadband service to nearly 22 million UK premises.

Previously the service was only available to Vodafone mobile customers across a limited geographical area but has now been opened up to both existing and new customers nationwide.

Vodafone logo

The business-grade network will offer customers up to 76 Mbps thanks to the Vodafone's nationwide fibre optics network. Customers will also receive a 12 months Netflix subscription offering a years worth of free video streaming.

Customers wil also receive Vodafone's high-spec Vodafone Connect router completely free of charge.

Vodafone are also offering customer the ability to control their Wi-Fi's services through the use of their Vodafone Connect app which can be downloaded from both the Google Play Store (and via the Apple apps store).

The app gives consumers the ability to 'boost' the signal that a device is receiving "letting customers prioritise Wi-Fi speeds to a chosen device for up to 12 hours", giving it priority over other devices within the property. You can also 'beam' signal towards a particular spot in the property , for where it is needed most.

Consumer director at Vodafone UK Cindy Rose has said, "We are delighted that we are now able to bring our innovative new home broadband service to people across the UK, allowing them to share in the great experience many of our existing customers are already enjoying."

"Our customers are loving the fact that they can control their home broadband from their smartphones and tablets. With the introduction of Vodafone home broadband combined with our ultrafast 4G, Vodafone is now well positioned to satisfy all of our customers' connectivity needs, both at home and on the go."

Vodafone are also planning on releasing a TV service with the hopes of taking on BT/EE after their proposed merger takes place.