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Pub in Norfolk becomes Vodafone's first Community Hub

Pub in Norfolk becomes Vodafone's first Community Hub

The Wortwell Bell Inn in Norfolk has become the first community hub that's been connected to Vodafone's Community Indoor Sure Signal (CISS) scheme - bringing a stable 3G cellular data to the pub.

Based in the outskirts of Harleston in South Norfolk, the Wortwell Bell Inn is the first of 100 community hubs to be opened that makes use of femtocell units. Similar to those used in Vodafone's Rural Open Sure Signal Programme that was designed to bring 3G coverage to 84 not-spots across the UK.

Vodafone UK's Chief Technology Officer Jorge Fernandes has commented on the newly designated community hubs saying, "Community hubs like pubs and village halls, across the UK play an important part in rural life and supporting the local economy."

"We want to ensure all our customers can enjoy the benefits of mobile connectivity wherever they are."

Chris Shore who is the landlord of the Wortwell Bell Inn also commented saying, "The Vodafone Sure Signal unit is benefitting both our customers and our business."

"As keeping in touch is so important to everyone these days, having a reliable 3G signal is fantastic for our village pub."