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Vodafone launches Community Indoor Sure Signal scheme

Vodafone have launched a new programme designed to provide 100 rural community hubs with reliable indoor 3G mobile coverage.

The Community Indoor Sure Signal (CISS) programme is set to be deployed within locations such as village halls, community-run shops and pubs in areas designated as 'not-spots'.

Vodafone Sure Signal + unit

Utilizing femtocell technology that is similar to that which is currently being deployed through Vodafone's existing Rural Open Sure Signal (ROSS) programme and Rural Community Pub programme. The Sure Signal + unit plugs into a standard fixed broadband router to provide mobile coverage throughout a building.

Thanks to the Sure Signal programme both 3G voice and date will be bought to areas where a signal is weak or virtually non-existant.

Vodafone UK's chief technology officer Jorge Fernandes has commented on the CISS programme saying, "Reliable mobile coverage and mobile internet are vital to the economic and social well-being of rural communities."

"By installing our units, we can ensure that rural hotspots continue to play an important role in rural community life."