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TUFF Phones are perfect for Pokemon GO

TUFF Phones are perfect for Pokemon GO

Are you on of the 5.25 million daily Pokemon Go players?

The popular mobile game has helped a generation (or two) get outside, all hunting for those elusive digital critters.

While most players will stick to within their city limits the occasional Poke-fanatic takes their journey to becoming the greatest Pokemon trainer to the next level.

Why a tough phone?

The great outdoors can be a dangerous place for a smartphone; it can be wet, it can be dusty and the temperatures can range from freezing cold to very hot. (Your experiences may differ if you're based in the UK).

It's because of the UK's varied outdoor environments that TUFF Phones can be the best choice for the fledgling Pokemon Master. We've outlined below a few reasons that make tough phones the mobile of choice for those on the GO.

  1. A ruggedised smartphone is waterproof, so capturing water types should be no problem.
  2. A ruggedised smartphone is dustproof, so capturing ground types should be no problem.
  3. A ruggedised smartphone is drop proof, so capturing flying types should be no problem.
  4. A ruggedised smartphone is resistant to extreme temperatures, so capturing ice and fire types should be no problem.

Playing Pokemon GO on a TUFF Phone is the safest way to play, thanks to a device thats smart and tough.