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TUFF Phones are GMS-approved (but what does that mean?)

TUFF Phones are GMS-approved (but what does that mean?)

Part of what makes a TUFF Phone a TUFF Phone is that it does not sacrifice tech and functionality for the sake of its impressive strength. Yes, all our devices are extremely durable by design, but this doesn't mean that our customers can't expect them to perform in the same way as any other high-end smartphone on the market.

For instance, when contemplating switching to a rugged phone, many users are worried about whether they'll still be able to use the apps they've become accustomed to in their everyday work and life. We are always pleased to reassure our customers that our phones are GMS (Google Mobile Services) approved, allowing them access to a wide array of apps they know and love.

What is included under GMS?

The majority of smartphones sold today, including our resilient range of mobiles, run on Google's Android OS. Part of what makes Android effective for so many users is the network of apps and cloud-based services developed and owned by Google and made available as standard on GMS –certified devices. If a phone is GMS-certified, Google has verified its ability to run the suite of essential proprietary apps, assuring consumers of excellent functionality.

A few of the most commonly used apps included in the GMS collection are Google Search, Gmail, Maps, Google Docs and Drive, Chrome, the Play Store, and YouTube. GMS also provides application programming interfaces (APIs), which enable the apps to communicate with each other, enhancing their functionality and improving the user's overall experience. As Google permits GMS-certified handsets to come with all this software pre-installed, you'll be ready to enjoy some of the most popular apps in the world as soon as you take your TUFF Phone out of its box.

To complement the standard GMS suite, you can of course also download any third-party app from the Google Play Store to equip your TUFF Phone with all the necessary tech to help you with work and play. Perhaps you're looking for something that keeps farmers up to date with the latest agricultural news or an app that allows you to check the wind direction when heading out to sea. Whichever Android app you need, you can rest assured that a TUFF Phone will run it without issue.

The GMS certification process

For a mobile phone to be sold with all of the apps included within the core GMS package, first it needs to be licensed by Google. However, the tech giant won't validate just any device; a lengthy application process is involved, which could take up to several months. In order to obtain GMS certification, TUFF Phones had to undergo substantial testing – the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS), which tests the phones' software and hardware, and the Vendor Suite Test (VTS), which tests APIs and functions – to make sure our devices were compatible with the full range of Android apps and met the strict performance requirements.

Passing these stringent tests and obtaining a GMS licence enables regular system updates and patches on our TUFF Phones to help ensure the apps continue to work as efficiently as they can. These also include Google's all-important security updates to Android, meaning that all the personal data kept on your TUFF phone will remain safe.

In short, ensuring all our wonderfully robust devices are verified by Google is just one more way we help supply our customers with the best possible user experience, making their lives considerably easier.

Browse through our range of GMS-approved devices today, and don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer support team on 01243 790 433 if you require help deciding which particular handset is the right fit for your lifestyle. Whichever you choose, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you'll have access to some of your favourite apps as soon as you switch the phone on.