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Find the perfect tough mobile phone for working on a farm

Some aspects of working on a farm can be risky and it is a good idea for farm workers to carry mobile phones with them in case they need to call for help. To keep the phone reliable and help prevent a breakage, it may be beneficial for workers to choose from a range of tough mobile phones.

Withstanding wet and cold weather
Weather is unpredictable and temperature varies greatly from season to season. Phones that are subjected to wet conditions and frosty temperatures are often unable to cope with such extremes and, eventually, stop working.

When working outside, it can be incredibly inconvenient for a phone to stop working because rain has seeped into it. To avoid this, there are several waterproof mobile phones available.

There are differences between what splash-proof, water-resistant and waterproof phones can endure, but due to the clever design of some waterproof models, they can withstand torrential rain and even a dunk in a puddle.

Surviving a tumble
Farm work is very active and it is impossible to know when a phone might slip out of a pocket, or have an object fall on it.

Shockproof phones provide one less worry about having a mobile phone around at work. These durable phones can be knocked, dropped, and even run over by a vehicle, in some cases, and still have the ability to make and receive calls afterwards.

Long lasting battery life
As well as surviving all sorts of unexpected accidents and strenuous activities, many tough mobile phones also boast the advantage of having better battery lives than standard mobile phones.

It is often tricky to find a point to charge a phone outside and a phone that is unlikely to suddenly lose charge at a crucial moment is priceless, especially in the case of an emergency.

Which types of tough mobile phones would be suited to farm work?
If you find yourself frequently having to replace phone handsets due incidents caused by the nature of your work, it may be more economical for you to choose a tough phone that can survive what life throws at it.

Tuff Phones Ltd offers a wide range of mobile handsets which includes splash-proof models and fully-fledged waterproof models. You are likely to find the perfect handset for your requirements among our fantastic selection.

To find out more about which types of tough mobile phones will be suited to your lifestyle, browse through the phones on the website. You can send any queries by selecting the Contact Us tab at the top of this page, or alternatively give us a call on 0845 873 7667.