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Toilet humour

We've heard on good authority that one of the main ways that mobile phones get destroyed is by them being dropped in the toilet!

What? How does that happen!?

Well, a lot of people carry their phones in the back pocket of their trousers, especially if they are wearing jeans. And a lot of people wear jeans either at work, ie builders, or when relaxing at the week-end. The trouble is the phone can easily slip out of the back pocket when the jeans are being taken off or put on.

When the call of nature arrives ('numbers 1 & 2' for ladies and just 'number 2' for fellas), you squat whilst pulling down your jeans/trousers. And then, whoops, out tumbles the phone into a fresh pan of water! Well, you hope its fresh....

If it's one of tuffphones' waterproof models you're in with a chance of saving your precious mobile phone. Even better if it's one of the floating models such as the JCB Tradesman or the iTTM Outlimits...!!