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Three Mobile promise to freeze prices for five years if merger with O2 is allowed

Mobile network Three have promised that should a Three/O2 merger take place the network will freeze prices for five years.

The network's chariman Canning Fok has printed an open letter in the Financial Times stating that the networks would, "not raise the price for consumers of a voice minute, a text or megabyte in the five years following the merger".

Canning fok

Fok also promises that the combined companies would invest £5 billion into its UK businesses over the following five-years claiming that the investment would dramatically immprove the quality of service being received by the customer.

Also mentioned in the letter was the fact that Three is "currently the smallest operator on the market" and that the only way to hold ground against the "new leviathan BT" is to allow the combination of both Three and O2.

Fok continued by stating that, "Over the coming weeks the promises I have laid out will be an important part of the case Three will put to Europe’s competition authorities, who have had the wisdom not to rush to judgment until, as the law requires, they have heard our response to their concerns,"

"We believe they will make the right choice for Britain, for British consumers, and for Europe."

Should the merger be allowed to take place the number of mobile network operators within the UK will be reduced from four to three, leaving us with EE/BT, Three/O2 and Vodafone.