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Three Mobile UK continues to see customer base grow

Three UK have continued to see an increase in the size of their customer base as well as their service revenue with a growth of 6%.

Their focus on customer experience has helped them add 478,000 new active customers to their network as well as their Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT) rise to £314 million in 2014. 

Dave Dyson

Three have placed a great deal of importance on providing a fantastic and reliable mobile data service and saw the amount of average data usage per customer rise from 2.0GB per month in December 2013 to 3.3GB per month in 2014 – an increase of 60%

Also Three were named as the least complained about mobile network operator by Ofcom, a great turn around considering that two years ago they were the most complained about netwrk in the UK.

Commenting on the company’s recent success Dave Dyson Three Mobile UK’s Chief Executive said, “By listening to our customers and focusing on their needs, our customers are happier than ever and their positive word of mouth is helping to attract more customers to Three.”