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The Lobster Fisherman – The Life of a TUFF Phone user

The Lobster Fisherman – The Life of a TUFF Phone user

Some lines of work call for tougher tools than others. When someone's job puts them against the elements on a regular basis, having a drop-proof, dustproof, and waterproof mobile phone could save them a lot of hassle.

 In other words, having a device as reliable as a TUFF Phone becomes a necessity.

 TUFF Phone users come from many different walks of life, but they all have at least one thing in common: the need for a reliable handset that perfectly matches their lifestyle. And, they are who we're celebrating with our new series of short films.

 At TUFF, we know that to provide customers with the best devices suited to their needs, it's important to understand their world to the fullest. We're interested in all our customers, as we know that they're not ordinary mobile phone users. And, there's no better way to get a firm grasp of their lifestyle than to immerse ourselves in their day-to-day life.

One user is Paul Mahony, who has been a lobster fisherman for the last 31 years and is the subject of our first short film.

 The TUFF crew were lucky enough to follow Paul on a typical morning, joining him out at sea off the UK's scenic south coast, where we got to see just how integral his phone is to his daily work and experience first-hand what his exciting job entails. In the film, you can see how Paul's life is made much easier by having a quality, ruggedised handset by his side. Using his TUFF T1, Paul can use apps to access forecast information, call work associates, and send pictures of his catch out to the world – all of which help his business.