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Mobile Device Management | What it Means on Your Rugged Phone

Mobile Device Management | What it Means on Your Rugged Phone

In many ways the trades and business sectors are pretty much unrecognisable today from how they were as recently as twenty or thirty years ago. This is largely due to technological advancements in the communications area of businesses, and nowhere is this better exemplified than with the advent of mobile devices.

New tech and related advancements in software have created new possibilities but they have also created new responsibilities and it is in the area of Mobile Device Management (MDM) that these twin issues align. To a business in the construction, logistics, security or similar sector that has only a developing knowledge of MDM, understanding its impact can be difficult. Here at TUFF Phones we have produced a quick guide to MDM to help you understand what having MDM-enabled rugged phones means for your business and workforce.

Control of Your Business

Smartphones are ubiquitous nowadays and people, including your workers, use them for just about EVERYTHING – including to access information and services that might be unsuitable for the aims, reputation and rules of your business – but if you have MDM-enabled rugged phones you can take control of what your workers access, ensuring the lines between the personal and the professional do not become blurred.

MDM can restrict access to certain apps and websites so that your business is protected from unnecessary controversy or from time-wasting digital distractions.

Stay Informed

Today's global businesses have workers in many different locations performing many different tasks. Managing a geographically and logistically disparate workforce can be challenging and it can be difficult to feel like you are at the helm of a single entity. MDM enables you to know where your workers are and, in certain cases, what they are doing as well – you can also be sure that they are contactable at all times! Being informed and up to date has obvious benefits for everyone.

Understand the Big Picture

MDM gives you the power to identify patterns among your workforce over the long-term, both in their geographical movements and their data usage. Not only can this help you understand your business better, it can also help you develop strategies to enhance productivity, profits and personal job satisfaction among your workforce.

Standardise Your Operation

With MDM it is easier to ensure that your workers are using the same apps and standardised systems so that your business can be both more unified and more efficient. Furthermore, you can share passwords and settings so that your business is as streamlined and secure as possible.

Data Management

Phones are no longer just about making calls. Today's smart phones have the data capacity equivalent to that offered by desktop computers from just a few years ago. If a phone is lost or stolen you want to know that your business’s data – and that of your clients – is protected. MDM gives you enhanced security, including the ability to lockdown a phone or phones if necessary.

Automatic Updates

MDM can help you ensure that all the rugged phones in your network are automatically updated. Not only does this help further standardise your operation, it also enhances security. Few factors, if any, are as likely to compromise the security of a business’s phones than out of date operating systems; automatic updates made as part of MDM can protect against this.

GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force across the European Union in May. GDPR has had a massive effect on the way in which businesses manage data on their smartphones, but fortunately, with the tools and policies available through MDM, GDPR obligations can be more easily and more consistently met across your fleet of rugged phones. This is true whether you are managing personal data, customer data, changes in consent, guarding against data breaches, retrieving data or ensuring successful encryption.

The MDM Platform for your Business

IBM MaaS360 with Watson is an easy-to-use mobile device management (MDM) platform which serves as your portal for the management and security of all your mobile devices so that your fleet of rugged handsets can be as safe and secure on the inside as they are tough on the outside.

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