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Tuffphones have a great selection of splash proof mobile phones

Not everyone has a job which allows them to stay indoors when it's raining, and not everyone has a hobby which doesn't involve getting wet.

For farmers, gardeners, life-boat volunteers, fishermen, life-guards, and everyone else whose mobile phone won't last long unless it's extra tough, Tuffphones has a great range of splash-proof mobile phones available.

Moreover, our phones aren't just splash proof, they've all been given an Ingress Protection Rating (IP) of seven or eight.

Our IPX7 phones can survive being immersed in up to one metre of water for 30 minutes, and, for those people who might drop their handset into a swimming pool (for example), our IPX8 phones can survive being immersed in one metre of water or deeper for more than 30 minutes – giving you enough time to fish a handset out.

But what of the phones which are accidentally dropped into the sea? Our JCB Toughphone Tradesman mobile can float – so it's ideal for people working around very deep water.

All of our waterproof mobile phones are also "dust tight", which means that they are completely protected against the negative effects which dust can have on keypads and the inner workings of a mobile.

Furthermore, most of Tuffphones' models can endure being dropped on a hard surface without any adverse affects to the phone's functions.

You'll be surprised at what these sturdy mobiles can do.

Not only can they make and receive phone calls, and send and receive text messages, as you'll undoubtedly need them to, but they have great battery life and are all Bluetooth enabled.

Some of these handsets even have a built-in camera and torch facility, and many are available with dual-sim and other special features.

On the Tuffphones site there's a waterproof phone to suit everybody. Select the phone to view product description and features.

If you want to compare the handsets you think suit you best, click ‘add to compare' next to their picture and then click the ‘compare' button on the right hand side of the webpage.

Interested in owning a splash proof mobile phone?
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