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Sonavation announces breakthrough in fingerprint tech

Gorilla Glass is used on nearly four billion devices worldwide and yesterday Sonavation announced a breakthrough in biometric security.

Operating out of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Sonavation a pioneer in ultrasound biometric technology have managed to successfully develop and bond an ultrasound biometric sensor to Corning's Gorilla Glass 4.

Sonavation Biometric Sensor

The new technology will allow manufacturers to integrate a 3D ultrasound sensor into a smartphone, making it capable of capturing fingerprint data despite moisture, dirt or oils that may be present on the fingerprint.

 Karl Weintz Sonavation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer has stated, "In today’s world of digital integration into so many aspects of our lives, biometric security is now a critical necessity and a constantly evolving discipline. As the first known company to develop and successfully achieve 3D fingerprint directly bonded under 400 micron thick under glass, we are making a revolutionary change and lasting mark on the industry. This is the same cover glass shipping in top mobile handsets today. Consumers and enterprises are relying on mobile devices more than ever before, and our advancement provides new, more cost effective and secure options for manufacturers. Touch-under-glass also means eliminating the expensive process of cutting a hole in the glass. Those looking to deliver secure solutions can now ensure biometrics are a natural extension of the user experience and make the necessary moves towards a new frontier of authentication options."