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Latest software update for T1 and T400s

Latest software update for T1 and T400s

Users of TUFF T1 and T400s will see a notification pop-up on screen during Friday 17th November. This is a general Android 6.0 software update and provides fixes for a range of known minor Android bugs. We recommend that users accept the update, ensuring that you have at least 30% charge in your handset before activating the download.

If you miss the notification, or inadvertently close it, you should update your device using the following steps:

  1. Due to the size of the download, we recommend using Wi-Fi, rather than mobile data
  2. Go to the Settings menu (looks like a large cog on the apps screen)
  3. Scroll down to ‘About Phone’ at the bottom of the menu
  4. Click on ‘Wireless Update’
  5. Your device will now automatically search for an update and begin the download
  6. Click on ‘Install Now’ to complete the process, which will take five to ten minutes
  7. Your device will restart after the installation and you are ready to go again
It is advised that after updating the software that you back up your contacts and then perform a Factory Reset.

Contacts Backup

To backup your contacts to a Google account please make sure that you have signed into a Google Mail account on your device. (If you do not have one please create one).

Then navigate to Settings > Accounts > Google – please make sure that Sync Contacts is selected and press Sync now. This will back up your contacts to the Google Mail account that you are signed into, this way when the factory reset is performed you can safely reinstate your contacts once the reset has been performed.

You can check to see whether they have all been backed up successfully by signing into your Google Mail account at this page:

Factory Reset

To perform a factory reset please navigate to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory reset data and select factory reset. Once the reset has been performed and the device has been restarted, sign back into your Google Mail account to repopulate the handset with your contacts.

For anyone experiencing any issues with the update please call our Customer Services team on 0845 388 3764.