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Smart looking tough phones

We've been asked many times why tough mobile phones have to look so ugly?

'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' of course but we rather like the purposeful, rugged, look of toughened phones. They look like that for a reason; the moulded rubber surrounding the toughened casing helps provide anti-shock protection and usually helps with grip when wearing gloves. The colour is often bright orange or yellow so that the phone can be easily found in dirt or amongst the tools. The buttons are oversized so that they can be easily pressed with gloved hands and the screen kept small for strength as the bigger the screen the more fragile it becomes.

However, we do appreciate that taking some of these ruggedised handsets out of a smart jacket pocket at a fancy do in the evening could be a bit embarrassing, so we've found a couple of tougher than average phones that don't strike you at first glance of being up to withstanding harsh treatment.

Both the Samsung B2710 Solid Immerse and the Nokia 3720 Classic are conventional, smart looking 'candy bar' mobile phone designs which are more than able to put up with falls to the floor or being used outdoors in the rain. So if you are in the market for a 'non-ugly' tough mobile phone which won't embarrass you away from your work or sports environment, or you'd simply like a smaller, slimmer design than most toughened phones, both of these models could be right up your street. Furthermore, both also have an additional feature rarely found on conventional tough mobile phones; namely a camcorder function.