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Shockproof mobile phone news - Ringtone calamity in Slovakian synagogue

We know that shockproof mobile phones are popular amongst workers in trades where the handset is likely to be dropped or suffer impact in some way. However, these workers are unlikely to need to worry about the volume of their ringtones due to the loud nature of their working environments,

Yet, if they choose to attend a concert they should ensure their phone is on silent so that it does not disturbed the performance by shocking the instrumentalist.

Well, a violinist performing at the Orthodox Synagogue in Presov, eastern Slovakia was not shocked at all when the infamous Nokia mobile phone ringtone went off during his performance, recently.

We're not entirely convinced that the video is genuine – the footage is of extremely good quality – but the young virtuoso seemed completely unfazed as the ringtone sang out in the hushed church.

In fact Lukas Kmit merely took a deep breath and mimicked the notes on his violin, much to the amusement of the audience. In fact, it was a very tuneful rendition which has since caused quite a stir on YouTube. It was even discussed on BBC breakfast television on Tuesday 23 January.

Anyway, we'll leave it up to you to decide if you think it was a publicity stunt for Nokia.

And if you genuinely want a shockproof mobile phone why not check out Tuffphones selection of rugged handsets. And yes, the Nokias come with that tuneful ditty of a ringtone.