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Samsung to show off a foldable smartphone at this year's MWC

Samsung to show off a foldable smartphone at this year's MWC

Over the past month rumors has been circling that Samsung is to begin production of its first foldable smartphone during Q4 this year.

An online report which cites sources from Taiwan's handset supply chain states that Samsung will begin a "small production" in the fourth quarter of this year. The source also states that mass production isn't expected to start until H2 2018.

The reason behind this delay is stated to be down to technical issues involving the reliability of the PI (polyimide) based plastic cover which is one of the key components in the foldable devices manufacture.

"While PI substrates are being produced in large volume currently, mass production of PI-based plastic covers with reliable quality is not expected to come until the first half of 2018," the report cites sources as saying.

It is rumored that Samsung will show off a prototype to a select few attendees during the Mobile World Congress 2017 taking place in Barcelona at the end of this month.
Samsung foldable phone flat