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Rugged mobile phones for the eco-minded

Every year in Europe more than 100 million mobile phones are thrown away, most commonly because they have suffered some kind of physical damage – whether to the screen or the internal components – that has interfered with functionality; in the UK alone, consumers buy 50 million mobile phones a year.

This throw away mentality is not a good thing for our planet. For example, 36kg of CO2 is used to make a single 90g smartphone; cadmium, lead and beryllium are just some of the harmful substances common to all devices, so, there can be no doubt that the consumption of mainstream devices is causing severe environmental impact.

Making mobile phones last?

Eco friendlyWith British consumers typically replacing their phones every 6 to 24 months, something has to be done, and although some manufacturers are beginning make less environmentally harmful handsets, it could just be that investing in a rugged mobile phone will be your way of saying "no" to unnecessary waste and needless carbon footprint.

But this is not the only concern; there is evidence that the toxic chemicals in phones are leaching into soil around landfill sites and causing groundwater contamination. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, groundwater contamination leads to "poor drinking water quality, loss of water supply, degraded surface water systems, high cleanup costs, high costs for alternative water supplies, and/or potential health problems".

How can tough mobile phones help?

As such, a "durable" or rugged mobile phone, may be the best option for any person who has environmentalist leanings. There can be little doubt that if you manage to keep it operational for two, three, four or even five years you will be helping, in a small individual way, to save the world from unnecessary waste and CO2 emissions.

Rugged mobile phones may not quite yet be the green phones of the future, but if you manage to hold on to them, for now they may well be the closest thing we've got.

Rugged and durable - what more do you need

It is also worth remembering that all of the following rugged phone apps and features can save you from buying additional devices – thus further reducing your carbon footprint and making your technological choices even more eco-friendly:

  • Camera – no need for a specialised device
  • E-reader – no need for a Kindle or similar specialised device
  • Music player – no need for specialised device
  • Clock – no need for a specialised device
  • Games - no need for a specialised device

Rugged phones for eco warriors

TUFF Phones is a specialist provider of personal and business tough phones in the UK. We are confident we can get you the best deals and cheapest rugged mobile phones available while also helping you cut down on your carbon footprint.

Too often traditional phones last only 6 to 12 months, buying a rugged mobile phone is a great way of getting the best value for money while also reducing your impact on the environment.

Plus, if you work in a tough trade (such as the construction industry, plumbing and plastering) or enjoy sports (such as sailing, swimming, hiking and mountain climbing or biking), you can take extra reassurance from knowing that you have a device that is built to last.

If you need help finding the right rugged phone for you, call 01243 850 605 and speak to a tough phone specialist today.