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Consider buying a waterproof mobile phone for internet surfing

Mobile phone technology has definitely come a long way. I remember when fitting a colour screen to a handset was considered ‘cutting edge', now phones can access the internet, record short films and even allow users to play video games while on the move.

Mobile phone protection has also improved, whereas every device was once foiled by liquid or knocks, these days customers can purchase a tough or waterproof mobile phone to withstand just about any situation.

Moreover, in China, the mobile phone industry recently past another milestone. A survey from the China Internet Network Information Center (CINIC) found more people now access the internet from their handsets rather than desktop computers.

Reportedly, 388 million Chinese mobile phone customers now access the internet while on the move. In contrast, 380 million use desktop computers to surf the web. Although this research was carried out overseas, I would be willing to bet increasing numbers of British internet users are also accessing websites on their handheld devices.

With this technology playing an increasingly important role in our lives, it is absolutely vital that they are protected against the elements.

If you want to access the internet while on the move, and not worry about damage being caused to your handset by liquids, drops from height, or dust, why not purchase a waterproof or shock-proof mobile phone?

For example, you could buy a Motorola Defy or Samsung B2710 Solid Immerse – but there are plenty of great ones available so have a browse.