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Project Ara smartphone at the Google I/O ATAP keynote

You may already be aware of Google's Project Ara smartphone and why we're pretty excited about it, however if you haven't heard of this device before allow us to fill you in.

Project AraProject Ara is Google's attempt at making a modular smartphone, that is to say, a device on which you can swap out many of the main components, for example; the camera module, screen module, speaker modules, battery module and much, much more.

We recently wrote a blog post explaining why we're so excited about this new development and why big things are expected from the Google device - which you can read here: Google’s Project Ara has a new modular prototype – the ‘Spiral 2’.

It's time to get excited, at this years Google I/O event one of Google's very own engineers Rafa Camargo gave spectators a demonstration of the handset during The Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) keynote.

Camargo set up the device from scratch, showing off the devices 'chassis' and a few modules that he then proceeded to slot into place on the devices body.

Once the battery and processor were clipped into place the handset booted up ready for use and running on the latest version of Android (we assume Lollipop 5.1.1).

Interestingly the engineer intentionally left the camera module sat on the table top, he then proceeded to show that when he tried to access the camera aplication on the device he was told that there was no camera installed.

He then added the camera module onto the device, which intelligently knew about the new add-on and allowed Camargo to take a picture of his audience.

All of this can be seen in the following video:

After this display we are now even more excited about the upcoming handsets from Google and are hoping that a tough variant is released into the UK market.