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Google's Project Ara modular smartphone is experiencing delays

Google's modular smartphone Project Ara has been delayed. The Project Ara development team announced via a series of tweets that Google were no longer looking to market test the new device in Puerto Rico as originally planned and are now considering several locations within the U.S.

Google's Project Ara

Why has the project been delayed? The development team have cited that there are multiple iterations of the device, more than originally anticipated and are claiming that this is the primary reason for the delay, they have also promised to release further updates next week as t where the project currently stands.

Google's Advanced Technologies and Projects (ATAP) division is leading the research and is being lead by former DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) employees Paul Eremenko and Regina Dugan.

Project Ara is Google's attempt at creating a modular smartphone with which consumers will be able to swap out components and 'modules' to alter the device, be it increase battery, change the screen, speakers, camera and memory, an unusual approach to a smartphone but one that we're looking forward to testing out in the future.