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Project Ara delay - UPDATE

The Google team behind Project Ara revealed earlier this week that the pilot program set to be launched in Puerto Rico this year had been delayed until 2016 and that they were now looking for market test sites withing the U.S.

Google's Advanced Technologies and Projects (ATAP) division have released information on why the modular smartphone launch has been delayed.

The modular components that clip in and out of the device are held in place via electropermanent magnets, these consist of an electromagnet and a permanent magnet and were designed to hold the modules firmly in place while allowing users to swap out components on the fly.

Like most things however it sounded great at first, but upon testing the practicalities of the electropermanent magnets have proven otherwise.

Internal testing has shown that the electropermanent magnets failed the drop test and that the team are now looking into alternate methods of getting the modules to stay connected to the device in a 'signature way'.

After all these years of development we hope that the Project Ara team can overcome this set back and continue to produce the handset that we all hope Ara to be.


Google's Advanced Technology & Projects (ATAP) group have now announced via Twitter that #FailedTheDropTest was a joke, although they are abandoning electropermanent magnets.

Project Ara Failed The Drop Test Tweet