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Poor indoor mobile coverage is limiting productivity in UK offices

Poor indoor mobile coverage is limiting productivity in UK offices

A survey carried out by CommScope has found that nearly half of all office workers in the UK are forced to make calls or access data on mobiles outside of office space due to poor connectivity.

The poll was carried out by market research specialists OnePoll who were commissioned by CommScope found that 44 per cent of the 2,000 participants said that they had to leave the office to use data or make a phone call with 23 per cent having productivity hindered once a week. 77 per cent considered mobile connectivity essential for completing tasks within the workplace.

In terms of reliability in different parts of the country, workers in London, Yorkshire and the West Midlands all enjoyed the most reliable 4G service, all with 42 per cent. In contrast the North East and Wales suffered the least reliable service with only seven per cent each.

International Sales for CommScope vice president Phil Sorsky said: “Achieving the goal of reliable indoor mobile coverage is a significant challenge for operators, especially when businesses are based in large and complex buildings.”

“We believe that establishing a dialogue and collaborative culture between these parties is essential- as businesses will look elsewhere if they can’t get access to first class facilities, with wireless coverage, capacity and speed assured to enable productivity across their organisations.”