Mobile network operator O2 has announced its plans to have over 800 towns and villages in Scotland connected to 4G networks by the end of 2017.

O2 engineers have used new innovative new technologies to help increase connectivity through the difficult Scottish terrain as the cold weather sets in.

Rural property and sheep

In locations such as Inverness, Aberdeen and Ben Nevis network engineers have installed a series of different signal enhancing technologies such as a new 50 metre mast, the UK's first to offer fibre connected small cell network capacity. They have also installed a mast atop Britain's highest mountain.

The network claims that it invests £2 million per day to improving its infrastructure and also claims to cover 98 per cent of the UK outdoor population.

O2 Connectivity secretary Fergus Wing has commented on the 4G connectivity improvements saying, "Today’s announcement is an example of the substantial private sector investment in mobile rollout currently taking place in Scotland and represents an important step towards filling mobile coverage gaps across the country, connecting Scotland’s so-called ‘not spots’ to a fast and reliable mobile internet connection".

Chief operating officer Derek McManus also commented saying, "The need for 4G connectivity is an integral part of modern daily life.

"A good connection can make all the difference to how we communicate with each other as individuals and it is a key factor to the success of local businesses".