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Mobile phone news - Young people may be overly attached to their handsets

One of the reasons why we provide tough and durable mobile phones is to ensure customers do not accidentally damage their handsets. This is because we realise breaking a phone can result in missing data or contacts, and interfere with a person's day-to-day routine.

The results of a survey, conducted by O2 Insurance, show 45% of mobile phone owners between the ages of 18 and 24 would be "devastated" in the event their data was lost.

To protect a new handset, the research revealed these individuals would undertake some quite drastic measures, such as downloading tracking applications or covering the mobile phone in a protective film. Rather harshly, 18% of respondents would keep their purchase away from family members or children.

The findings also revealed how important mobile phones were to some young people. For example, if given the choice, 21% would rather not eat for 24 hours than be parted from their devices.

Although some of these respondents may be overly reliant on their mobile phones, the research certainly demonstrates how handsets have become ‘must-have' accessories. In order to protect their devices against everyday wear and tear, these young adults may wish to browse our selection of shock, dust or waterproof mobile phones.