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Tough mobile phones may not survive the Phone Throwing World Championships

When a conventional mobile phone is dropped from height or hit by another object, the handset could be damaged beyond repair. As a result, the owner may lose valuable contact details as well as other information stored on their device.

Usually, people will try to prevent these accidents from occurring – and one possible solution could be to purchase a tough or a shock-proof mobile phone – however, contestants recently lined up to deliberately inflict damage upon handsets at the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships in Finland.

This unusual event was made up of three categories: a competition for those under the age of 12, a challenge where contestants had to throw their mobiles the furthest using an over-the-shoulder method, and a freestyle class where participants had to hurl their handsets in an imaginative manner.

Our tough mobile phones may withstand a wide variety of impacts, but they might not survive a throw from Ere Karjalainen – who achieved a new record of 332ft. Other successful contestants were Jonna Mattero, winner of the women's category and Jeremy Gallop, who attained second place in the men's group.

Thankfully, once the competition finished, all mobile phones were collected and recycled.