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Waterproof phones aren't enough to deter phone thieves

Although many people protect their mobile phones from accidents by choosing shock-proof phones and waterproof phones, a recent report shows that 86% of mobile phone owners don't have any security software installed on their handsets to protect their data.

However, over half of mobile phone users believe that their data would be secure if their phone was stolen or lost according to research conducted by The Carphone Warehouse.

The survey gathered information from 2,000 UK residents and reveals that thieves would be able to view personal data from the majority of people's mobile phones.

It appears that people view the security on their laptops and computers to be of higher importance, as 89% of those questioned agree that their computers have security software installed.

Of those surveyed, 49% said they download music, purchase clothes and even buy insurance with their handsets, leaving account details logged in and accessible to thieves. Almost three quarters admitted to using phones to take personal photographs.

Following the report, the retailer has launched Mobile Phone Security Week which aims to teach people the importance of keeping their handsets secure.

Matt Stringer, UK MD from The Carphone Warehouse, said, "We've seen a real increase in smartphone users over the past year with roughly 85 percent of handsets sold last year with a postpay connection being smartphones. The more sophisticated the handsets become, the more attractive they are to thieves."

The research signifies the risks presented to people who don't protect their mobile phone data, even those who own seemingly invincible waterproof phones.