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Mobile news - Don't get caught at sea without a waterproof mobile

Anyone who watched an Australian sailor fall from the back of her boat during a London 2012 Olympic race will not need much convincing of the merits of having a waterproof mobile for sailing.

There can be little doubt that, nowadays, a waterproof mobile must be considered an essential piece of safety kit for the sensible sailor, behind only, perhaps, to a lifejacket and a waterproof radio.

The importance of having a tough, water proof phone were recently demonstrated when Liverpool Coastguard received a call from a father and son stuck at sea on the hull of their overturned fishing boat.

When Royal National Lifeguard Institution rescuers reached the pair, they'd been at sea for nearly two hours and were more than a little shivery.

"We would like to remind people who are setting to sea in small boats to take a reliable method of communication with them along with a back-up method. A portable waterproof vhf radio is ideal with a waterproof mobile phone or phone in a plastic bag as back-up. Remember that in many places around the coast mobile phone coverage is patchy and a radio is much more reliable," commented a rescue centre manager.