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Rugged news - Insurers must hope for waterproof mobile phones

How the insurance industry must wish that more consumers bought waterproof mobile phones.

Insurance leader CPP has said that mobile-related insurance claims have trebled over the past three years.

Predictably, most of the insurance claims were for iPhones, BlackBerrys and HTC devices.

News like this is, of course, not great publicity for the toughness claims of these standard mobiles and only serves to strengthen the argument for their more rugged cousins.

However, the rise in claims is thought to also be the result of fraudulent insurance activity – again, something which could be avoided by there being more waterproof phone users. After all, you'd be hard pressed to claim that your phone has suffered water damage if it is a bona fide waterproof mobile phone.

One reason for fraud, apparently, is the impatience of consumers to get their hands on new phone models. "Networks have now moved on to 18- or 24-month contracts. People don't want to wait 24 months for the latest device," commented the head of risk audit and compliance at Lifestyle Services.

Furthermore, there has been a rise in the incidence of claimants causing deliberate damage to handsets in order to secure a replacement.

For example, one woman made a claim for accidental damage which she said had happened as a result of her phone being dropped. Experts proved that the damage had been caused by a small pickaxe. We can be sure that had her phone been waterproof or shockproof, the claimant would have had even more of a struggle causing any damage, let along claiming for it.