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Waterproof mobile phones news - Valuable metals could be sitting in your bin

When customers purchase waterproof mobile phones, they may decide to throw their old devices away.

However, according to the government, every year people waste precious and rare materials when they dispose of their old phones, laptops, or other valuable electronics.

Some goods may contain metals such as gold and neodymium. However, once on a rubbish tip, these materials are almost impossible to find.

Between 2012and 2020, the government estimates consumers will throw away 63 tonnes of palladium and 17 tonnes of iridium. On today's markets, these materials would be worth £1billion and £380million, respectively.

Furthermore, if a quarter of all unwanted consumer products were collected, fixed and sold on, they would be worth a potential £200million each year.

To profit from unwanted products, the government has launched a new scheme to recycle and reuse these devices.

Commenting on the plan, Business Secretary Vince Cable said, "There are a wealth of opportunities that exist for businesses to capitalise from the valuable materials that are thrown away in unwanted electrical equipment each year.

"This plan will help UK businesses to better withstand any changes in both supply and price, make the most of emerging growth opportunities, create high-skilled jobs and compete on the world stage."

If you are looking for rugged, tough or waterproof mobile phones you are certainly in the right place. However, before disposing of your old mobile, you may want to see how much it is worth – you could be missing out on a golden opportunity.