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Waterproof mobile phones news - Police warn about mobile phone thefts at gigs

Even owners of waterproof mobile phones aren't immune to falling victim to opportunistic thieves, and Greater Manchester Police has issued a warning to gig goers about the rising number of cases in which stolen mobile phones are being reported.

Reports state that mobile phone and camera theft has become common place at the Apollo Theatre in Manchester – the theft of a mobile phone is likely to hit people hard over the festive season when they are already struggling to stretch their budgets as far as possible.

Although the police have been unable to spot any trends in thefts at gigs as they do not categorise reports in such detail, they have offered advice to people planning to attend live music.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said, "Try not to use valuables in public and keep them in a safe, secure place on your person."

Regardless of whether a person owns a tough mobile phone, a top of the range smart phone or has chosen their handset from a range of waterproof mobile phones, they should be careful not to draw attention to it and avoid being targeted by thieves.