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Waterproof mobile phone news - Dakin Industries announces new chemical

If a standard phone handset is exposed to water, it may be unsalvageable. However, if someone purchases a waterproof mobile phone, their device will usually be unaffected by liquid immersion.

For those who do not have access to rugged devices, Daikin Industries is working on a water-resistant chemical coating to protect handsets from suffering water-related damage.

The material does not render phones completely watertight, but will hopefully reduce the chances of equipment failure by increasing "the baseline in waterproofing to everyday standards".

The chemical is extremely thin (between 0.1 and one microns) and takes around one minute to dry when applied to products. In addition, due to its low toxicity, the material is relatively environmentally friendly.

Although the coating can be applied to mobile phones, it may also be administered to absorbent or meshed surfaces. However, customers who are interested in this technology might have to wait until December 2012 for its commercial release.

Dakin Industries is not the only corporation to work on water-resistant coatings, with Nokia and Liquipel already working on hydrophobic products.

Although smartphone users may find water-resistant coatings appealing, consumers may wish to purchase a waterproof mobile phone if they frequent wet environments.