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Packing your waterproof mobile phone for the zombie apocalypse

One columnist writing for the This is Nottingham website recently wrote about how a sudden water shortage in Long Eaton, Derbyshire, England – which led to panic-buying of bottled water at the shops in that area – has made her plan for the eventuality of a zombie apocalypse.

Shocked by how people reacted to what was a relatively minor problem she has been inspired to prepare a list of important items which should protect her from flesh-eating fiends and allow her to live to see the dawn of a new post-apocalyptic era.

Most of her list makes sense – canned food, tin opener, garden tools to use as weapons, first aid kit – but we were surprised to note the absence of a waterproof mobile phone on the survival list.

In fact, she seems to think that a mobile phone won't be of much use in the event of an apocalypse. However, we disagree. After some research we have come to the conclusion that mobile phone signal towers would not stop working immediately if all telephone company workers became more preoccupied with meat or escape than their jobs.

If we are correct, having a tough mobile phone would provide you with a vital communication system at a time when working as a group could mean the difference between being eaten and, well, not being eaten.

We feel that almost any apocalyptic event could be overcome with the help of a rugged mobile handset. Water levels rising and flooding major cities? A waterproof mobile phone can survive that. Sunlight cannot reach Earth due to a huge dust cloud – which leads to the Earth's temperature dropping to below freezing? Many tough phones can survive at extreme temperatures and all of them are dust-proof.

So, if you're packing your zombie apocalypse emergency kit-bag – don't forget your rugged mobile phone.